News & Events

We invite our Clients and Partners to follow the updates on ARS activities, track selected drug and biologic development news, and book a time slot for a meeting at the life science events we go to so that to discuss potential and current projects in person and in detail.

New tender won

ARS gains a new contract to conduct a multicenter prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled parallel phase III clinical study of medicines treating pain syndrome. 200 patients will be randomized at eight sites.

IPhEB Russia

ARS Business Development Director attended the Russian pharma event held at ExpoForum in April 2019.  Several face-to-face meetings with the international pharmaceutical companies were conducted at the conference.

New MA contract

ARS sings an agreement with a Russian company to register its fixed combination of Chlorphenamine 2 mg + Paracetamol 500 mg + Phenylephrine 10 mg + Caffeine 30 mg in tablets. The medicine is a full analogue of Rinza® that is getting the status of a twenty-year-old drug in Russia and, therefore, the generic can be licensed without performing a local bioequivalence study.

New BE projects

ARS signed an agreement for conducting a number of local bioequivalence studies of generics treating diabetes mellitus type II. ARS is responsible for medical writing, regulatory, clinical and analytical parts as well as final CSR preparation.  

Happy Holiday Season!

We wish our Partners and Colleagues health, prosperity, good fortune, and progress in 2019!

Independent audit

The ARS CRO as well its partnering BE Unit and PK lab have been qualified by the external auditor for conducting series of local bioequivalence clinical trials sponsored by the EU pharmaceutical company.

Medical writing

ARS signed an agreement with the Russian pharmaceutical company on medical writing services, namely clinical study essential documents development for six local bioequivalence clinical research projects.

BE project

ARS signed a new agreement with its current Client to conduct a bioequivalence clinical trial for Posaconazole suspension.

DSUR contract

ARS signed the agreement to prepare the drug safety update report (DSUR) for submitting to the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor). The report will be developed by the ARS pharmacovigilance team within the current Phase III gynecology clinical research project sponsored by the leading Russian pharmaceutical company.

New registration contract

ARS conducted a contract with the Russian pharmaceutical company developing generic drugs. The agreement includes ARS assistance with the marketing authorization of the three products in Russia.