ARS PharmRussia, or “Agency for Registration Support of Medicines”, is a contract research organization providing drug development and marketing authorization services in Russia.

Since 2009 ARS has been successfully supporting Russian and foreign pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in drug registration, including locally required preclinical and clinical studies’ conduct as well as express market research and pre-registration expertise.

ARS organizes and conducts clinical trials within international clinical programs as well.

In its work ARS adheres to ICH-GCP, FDA, EMA, EEU, and local standards and does its best to meet and exceed its Clients’ expectations. 

ARS emphasizes patients’ safety and risk-benefit ratio, data and processes’ quality, privacy and confidentiality, Sponsors’ timelines, investigators’ relations, advanced trainings of the team, vendors’ qualification, innovative technologies, effective clinical project budgeting, risk management, and communication at all levels.

We invite you to the productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with ARS!