«ars dirigit,
usus perficit»
ARS Clinical & Regulatory Expert CRO

ARS PharmRussia, or “Agency for Registration Support of Medicines”, is a contract research organization providing preclinical and clinical drug development and marketing authorization services in Russia. >>>

Drugs MA contract
The ARS CRO has been contracted by the Russian pharmaceutical company to register its medicines in the Russian MoH , namely: Paracetamol 750 mg + Phenylephrine 10 mg +...
Bronchitis Study signed
The ARS clinical CRO concluded a contract for a local registration Phase III open-label randomized comparative superiority clinical study of the efficacy and safety ...
Head Russia & CIS at a leading Asian Pharma, 2014
“[Sponsor] has been working with ARS for more than three years on drug registration and local clinical studies in Russia...